Ekkamai Bar and Thai Kitchen | LoiKraThong with Ekkamai Publika
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LoiKraThong with Ekkamai Publika

LoiKraThong with Ekkamai Publika

Every year, the tradition in Thailand during this festival is to light up water lilies at the rivers, thanking the Goddess of water and making a wish when you do so. If you are one to believe in luck, joining in is a ‘must do’ to see your dreams and wishes come true.

You can now join us in this wonderful celebration at Ekkamai Bar & Thai Kitchen on the 16th Novmeber (Wednesday).
Besides lighting up your very own krathong, you can look forward to:
• Bangkok street-style food prepared by Ekkamai Head Chef, Chef Awee, such as Robata (Josper) grills & Dessert stall.
• Free surprise door-gift for diners.
• Candy floss stall.
• Traditional Thai dancing.
• Wai kru, Muay Thai shadow boxing, padwork and Muay Boran show.
• Thai-inspired Mocktails & Cocktails!
• Photo-taking session with the performers.

So do come along and partake in this magical event and make your dreams come true!

*Free Admission*