Ekkamai Bar and Thai Kitchen | 3 Tigers on Merdeka!
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3 Tigers on Merdeka!

3 Tigers on Merdeka!

“Tanggal Tiga Puluh Satu! Bulan Lapan, Lima Puluh Tujuh!”

You’ve read right, it’s the month of August and that means Malaysia’s Independence Day is here.

What better way to celebrate Merdeka this year if not with 3 Pints of Tiger at the price of RM61!

All you’ve got to do is to make your way to any of our outlets on the 30th & 31st of August, grab a table and some chairs, order up your Tigers followed by some entrées or even a main course and enjoy the celebration!

So start spreading the word, share the link, snap a screenshot, and we’ll see you there!