Ekkamai Bar and Thai Kitchen | It’s good to be friends!
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It’s good to be friends!

It’s good to be friends!

Benefits, Bonuses, Premiums and Perks… What’s the point if you don’t have friends to share it with?

That’s why we’re partnering up with Nala & OhanaJo Studio to bring you more rewards!

Introducing our Peer Perks collaboration! and here is how it works!

For Social Rewards Members:
Present Nala OR OhanaJo Studio with The Social Rewards App (must be registered) and get a 15% Off* Nala Merchandise / Free class* at OhanaJo Studio.

For Nala Customers:
It’s really simple, just present our staff with a Nala Receipt, and you’ll be able to receive a FREE glass of Social Wine (Red/White).

For OhanaJo Studio Class Pass Members:
All you have to do is present your class pass membership to our staff and you’re entitled to a choice of a FREE glass of Social Wine (Red/White) OR a FREE Healthy Eats* at The Social.

*Please note that Healthy Eats is ONLY avaialble at The Social.

Peer Perks lasts until 30th December 2018.

*Terms & Conditions Apply*